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Hereke Silk

By critical consensus, the premier center of rug making is a picturesque village in the northwest center of Turkey called Hereke. P.R.J Ford, in its masterful guide The Oriental Carpet, has called Hereke “… The most sumptuous and finest rugs produced anywhere in the world” Lee Allane, another notable expert in the field, is no less extravagant in his praise. “The town of Hereke…produces the finest silk rugs anywhere in the world. The skill artistry and technical virtuosity of the Hereke weaver is second to none, and the rugs they produce are justifiably regarded as among the most distinguished and valuable examples of contemporary textile art.”

But you don’t need a critic to tell you just how fine these rugs are. Herekes speak for themselves. Each one of these imaginatively designs, impeccably executed all-silk rugs is eloquent testimony to tradition that has been passed to generations to generations, from father to son, from mother to daughter.

With anywhere between 700 to 500 knots to the Square Inch, it should come at no surprise to learn that a Hereke rug will typically take upwards of five years to produced and is the prize of any rug merchant’s collection. Indeed, in the great markets and bazaars of Istanbul, a merchant consider himself a single genuine rug from Hereke.

How then to describe Azhar’s collection of nearly 500 of these prized specimens! If you will forgive us we think we have exercised great wisdom over the years accumulating these superlative rugs directly from the weavers on Azhar’s frequent journey to Hereke. Such foresight allows us to offer these rugs to our customers today at truly astonishing prices. Our collection of Herekes are unsurpassed.

Certainly, no other merchant in the Americas has anything comparable. And you can be assure that any genuine Herekes you may find elsewhere in the hemisphere are invariably prized well beyond those to be found at Azhar’s.

We know you will share the excitement we will feel in viewing and touching these peerless rugs. They add a dimension to the home that only a true work of art can, and are a prestigious complement to any fine room setting. We urge you to visit us soon the glories of one of the world’s superb collections of Hereke rugs.

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