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Revive Your Rug

Azhar Manages Any Rug Repair and Restoration


Repairing & Restoring fine hand-knotted heirloom rugs since 1973

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The repair area of the rugs at Azhar's includes:

  • Repair of Persian and Silk rugs
  • Repair of fringes
  • Repair of holes ans rips
  • Repair of rug sides
  • Repair of low pile

As the fringes are the foundation of a rug and is in touch more than other part of the rug, is important to get repaired as the damage may extend and stay permanently on the rug. The first thing you can notice of a rug getting damaged is the fringe start to be loose. Our skilled team work on securing fringes knots by knots.

Binding (what holds the rug together at the sides) can also become loose over the years. If the sides started to get loose, repair should be considered as soon as possible.

Holes and rips that happens by daily events like burn, can be repaired before the damage gets Deteriorated. We do the repair as closely as the original look of the rug.


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