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Professional and timely Rug Cleaning, Rug Washing, Rug Repair, & Fine Antique Rug Restoration Experts

Azhar’s Oriental Rugs is one of the leading importers and sellers of fine hand knotted Persian wool rugs, Persian silk rugs and all types of Area Rugs in the U.S. Since our inception, we’ve served more than 250,000 customers in the US and Latin America.

Other than buying & selling rugs, we also provide rug cleaning, washing, repairing and restoring services.

The greatest rugs on earth in a gallery like no other place on earth

What we do

Azhar’s one-of-a-kind Mastercare™ cleaning and repair service. We clean and restore all types of rugs including:

  • Fine hand-knotted oriental rugs
  • hand-knotted wool rugs
  • hand-knotted silk rugs
  • fine Persian rugs
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Modern rugs
  • Kilim rugs
  • Tufted rugs
  • Shag rugs
  • Karastan rugs
  • Designer rugs
  • Modern rugs
  • Dhuries
  • Tabriz rugs
  • Sarouk Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs,
  • Machine made rugs
  • Antique rugs
  • Alpaca Rugs
  • Flokati rugs
  • Animal skin rugs
  • Cowhide rugs
  • Sheepskin rugs
  • Tribal rugs
  • Kazak rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Heriz Carpet
  • Bakhtiari Carpet
  • Aubusson carpet
  • Bakshaish Carpet
  • Kashan Rugs
  • Kerman Carpet
  • Bidjar Carpet
  • Ziegler Mahal Carpet
  • Ushak Carpet
  •  Isfahan (Esfahan) Carpet
  • Nain Carpet
  • Savonnerie Carpet
  • Serapi Carpet
  • Needlepoint Carpet
  • Faraghan Carpet
  • Jewels of Persia Collection
  • Qum Silk Rugs
  • Persian Silk Rugs

We’ll clean all types of rugs made from different types of materials (100% wool, 100% silk, 100% wool & silk, 100% viscose, 100% polypropylene, 100% jute cotton, 100% sisal). We also wash and clean all types of animal skin rugs (zebra, sheep skin, etc.), woven and hand knotted rugs from Persia India, Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, USA, and all weaving centers of the world including machine made rugs made in USA, Turkey & Egypt.

“In my 45 years of cleaning and washing rugs I have yet to come across stains on rugs that I was unable to remove.”

– Azhar Said, Owner Azhar’s Oriental Rugs.

We’ll Successfully remove any dirt, stains, bacteria, odor & allergens from your rug, leaving it looking cleaner and brighter with a fresh aroma.


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To understand how the present cleaning and washing process has evolved it helps to know how it was performed for centuries when the first hand knotted Oriental Rugs were made and how they were cleaned and washed.

The earliest hand knotted rug (Persian rugs) that we know of is called “THE PAZYRYK RUG”. The rug is presently located at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). Its origin is from Persia and scientific carbon dating dates the rug to 5th century B.C. The quality of the knot is called the Turkish knot and the rug has 360,000 knots per square meter (232 knots per square inch).

The quality of a hand knotted Oriental rug starts at around 100 knots per square inch and goes up to 800 knots per sq. inch in wool rugs. In silk rugs it goes from to 600 knots per sq. inch to 2000 knots per sq. in and sometimes in finer silk rugs even more.

We believe mankind started producing hand knotted rugs a few hundred years before 5th century BC because the art of weaving takes about 200 years to evolve to reach the standard of the Pazyryk Rug.

“The rug was discovered in 1949 by the Russian archaeologist, S.I Rudenko, preserved by ice in a tumulus in the Altai mountains, in Central Asia”. A man on a horse carrying a bag, inside it was food and the rug all absolutely intact, frozen and preserved by ice.

Its design is in the same style as the sculptures of Persepolis, particularly regarding the details of the double border decorated along the outside with horses and riders, twenty-eight in number, a figure which corresponds with the number of males who carried the throne of Xerxes to Persepolis. On the inner border one can distinguish a row of elks (stags?).

(Please see the photograph below)


Origin: Persia, 5th century BC Collection of the hermitage Museum, Leningrad Turkish Knot: c. 360,000 knots per sq. m. (232 knots per sq. in.)

The field, covered with squares patterned with large rosettes, is reminiscent of the alabaster paving from the palace of Ashurbanipal, which can be seen in the British Museum”. – The Splendor of Persian Carpets by Erwin Gans-Ruedin, Publisher Rizzoli.

Persian rugs were always considered luxurious and there always existed a pride of ownership associated with decorating with them. They were passed down from generation to generation during which they were cleaned, washed, repaired and restored regularly.

They were passed down from generation to generation during which they were cleaned, washed, repaired and restored regularly.



Say Goodbye to Dirt, Stains, Color runs, Odor, Bacteria & Allergens

Check out the Before & After gallery below. You’ll be delighted by the significant difference in the Oriental rugs before and after our cleaning services.

You will be overwhelmed by the brighter, glossier appearance and smoother, softer touch than before, transforming your rug to its former glory.



For achieving a successful quality washing in the first round, it helps to understand the most important step: Thoroughly removing all size of particles from the rug before commencing washing. If you do not successfully remove the dust you are merely scrubbing the dust into the rug.

All rugs contains many sizes of dust particles located on the surface, deep inside the pile in and around the foundation and also microscopic dust particles embedded with time in the fat cell of the organic wool or silk materials.

Your rug is placed into a dusting machine that is 24 ft long and 20 ft wide. The machine consists of rotating octagonal cylinder  Thousands of 6 inch leather strips are attached to this cylinder. The cylinder can be rotated at variable  rotating speeds.

The rug moves horizontally on the table while the leather strips rotate and  repeatedly strike every square inch of the back of the rug. The rug goes back and forth on the table covering the entire length for about 20-30 minutes until the operator is satisfied that all large and small dust particles located on the surface and deep into the foundation of rug has been loosened and removed.

Large surface dust particles and finer, deeper particles fall into a funnel where they are sucked out using a large vacuum attached to the machine.

This primary dusting action simulates the same action done for hundreds of years of beating the back of the rug with a beater and removing large dust particles from the rug.

How much dust is removed?

You’ll be surprised by the amount of dust trapped in your rug. In most of the rugs we receive, we remove anywhere from 1-10 lbs of dust!

Please view the video and photos of a 9 x 12 Chinese 90 line hand-knotted woolen rug that was cleaned. An overwhelming 10 lbs of dust was removed! Just imagine all the health issues all that dust could have led to!

Azhar’s Oriental Rugs one-of-a-kind exclusive dusting, washing, cleaning, rinsing centrifuge water extraction, drying and unique detail finishing process videos

You’ll understand why we are the number one choice for cleaning, washing & restoring of Oriental/Contemporary Rugs to more than 250,000 customers over the last 45 years with 10,000 reviews.

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your rug will be correctly cleaned in the first round and restored to its former glory.

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Our washing and cleaning process guarantees complete dust removal, with a shinier, glossier look, exactly like the original colors of the rug having a great natural aroma. We offer FREE pickup, delivery and installation.

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