We pride ourselves on being one of the largest Oriental Rugs importers and sellers in North & South/Latin America. We have more than 40 different collections of Oriental rugs from the greatest carpet weavers of the world.

Our collections come from the ancient lands of Persia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkey, Soviet Central Asian countries and all countries known for the culture of producing distinguished hand knotted/woven carpets

Browse through our collection below. Think about the colors, shape, size and the sort of designs you want on the rug.

Check out our collection:

  • Contemporary / Modern Collection
  • +Serenity Collection
  • Oceanic Collection
  • Abstract Collection
  • Nature Collection
  • Transitions Collection
  • Himalaya Collection
  • Patchwork Collection
  • Shag Rug Collection
  • Agra Collection
  • Antique Persian Collection
  • Belgium Collection
  • Bijdar Collection
  • +Bokhara Collection
  • Dhurrie Collection
  • Folk Art Collection
  • Gabeh Collection
  • Gold Seal Collection
  • Hereke Collection
  • Heriz Collection
  • Jewels Of Persia Collection
  • Kazak Collection
  • Kelim Collection
  • Khyber Pass Collection
  • Nepal Collection
  • Nomad Collection
  • Maharaja Collection
  • Mir Collection
  • Museum Collection
  • Other Collections
  • Peking Collection
  • +Persian Collection
  • Romance Collection
  • +Silk Masters Collection
  • Soumak Collection
  • Tabriz Collection
  • Taj Mahal Collection
  • Tapestry Collection
  • Tufted Rug Collection