We’re one of the leading importers of Oriental rugs in North and South/Latin America. Having been in the business for more than 45 years, we’ve served over 250,000 customers.

We pride ourselves on offering a large collection of beautiful rugs from the world’s greatest carpet weavers. We also provide exclusive cleaning and restoration services for hand-woven rugs of all types.

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority which is why we’ll pick, deliver and install your rug for FREE!

We also have “Best Price” policy; we’ll beat any advertised price of a competitor. Do you know other carpet dealers offering prices like ours? Tell us, we’ll make you a better offer!

You’ll understand why more than 250,000 customers… with more than 8000 reviews, have chosen Azhar’s Oriental Rugs’ services for their cleaning, repair, pet stain removal needs over the last 45 years…


What our customers are saying…

Very Good Job

John Davis, Invoice #9616

Good Job, Very Clean.

Susan Oglesby, Invoice # 9509

Amaze to see our old rugs came back to its original colors.

Juliana Tangioni, Invoice 9671

Amazing Job, Completely Satisfied, Will definitely recommend.

Roxana Montoya, Invoice #9665

Great Service, rug looks brand new.

Barbara Savage, Invoice $9646

Better than Expected! Great service!

Saeeda Khan, Invoice# 9615

Work was done perfectly and in a timely manner.

Stacey & Allen, Invoice #9620

Amazing Job! Completely satisfied. Will definitely recommend.

Helen Sickel, Invoice#9614

Amazed to see our old rugs came back to its original colors.

Jimmy Coins, Invoice# 9610

I would definitely recommend if I knew before about this company. Completely Renewed!

Christopher & Diana, Invoice# 9586

100% Better!

Marcelo Nader, Invoice# 9571

We have been buying rugs from Azhar’s for the last 20 years. Excellent Service!

Ivelisse Martinez, Invoice# 9429

Work was done perfectly and in a timely fashion. Great Service!

Gerald Lee, Inoice# 9498

Beautiful! Rugs look brand new.

Carmen Mayor, Invoice# 9574

Very Appreciative! Rugs looks brand new.

Martha Gillette, Invoice# 9434

Amazing! Rug looks brand new and feels new.

luke Sanchez, Invoice# 9583

Amazing Job! Completely Satisfied, will definitely recommend.

Cathy Rogheb, Invoice# 9596

Much improvement, very satisfied.

Sia Heravia, Invoice# 9522

Rugs were almost destroyed, Azhar’s brought them back to life!

Miguel Pita, Invoice# 9426

Perfect! Like the day i bought It.

Brain George, Invoice 9424

Rugs delivered as promised and well done!

Teresa Rojas, Invoice# 9553


Robert Morrison, Invoice# 9537

Work done perfectly and in a timely fashion.

Robert Gockett, Invoice 9531

Very nice color renewal.

Ernesto Preito, Invoice# 9453

Rug looked brand new! Will definitely recommend.

Linda Ingham, Invoice# 9523

Great Job!

Daniel Holmes, Invoice# 9539

The guys that came to place the rugs were outstanding.

Martha Castillo, Invoice# 9490

Excellent Service!

Miami Fine Arts Academy, Invoice 9529

I Will always recommend this company.

Tamea Connel, Invoice# 9436

Rug looks brand new!

Charlene Quill, Invoice# 9399

Very Good Job!

Daivisi Viera, Invoice# 9365

Thanks for the great job!

Steven Rave, Invoice# 9287

Amazed to see our rug came back to its original colors!

Marwan Ali, Invoice# 9283

Rug looks as if it was the first day I bought it.

Marvin White, Invoice# 9196

Very bright and the colors are renewed.

Pamela Defigarelli, Invoice# 9083

I am extremely happy with the service.

Thais Jeanton, Invoice# 9074

All our rugs are from this company.

Ricardo Aldama, Invoice# 9219

Completely Satisfied, It looks like new.

Tam Schrage, Invoice# 9305

The Best Company!

Julio Gutierrez, Invoice# 8900

Work was done perfectly, in a timely manner.

Nellie Marrero, Invoice# 9043

Work was very professional.

Nicole Cogordan, Invoice# 10045

The color in the rug were more brilliant.

Patricia Vasquez, Inv# 10069

Very satisfied, will have them clean more rugs.

Silvia Smith, Inv#10153

Amazing Job! Completely satisfied, will definitely recommend

Dominique Vilpin, Inv# 10216

Work was done perfectly and in a timely manner.

Elise Hurley, Inv# 10231

I have always been super satisfied with the quality and service.

Cony Matuschkue, Inv# 9584

Looks better than when new.

Mary Muratori, Inv# 9722