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Very simply, knot for knot, dollar for dollar, you simply cannot get better value in an Oriental rug than at Azhar's.

Our History

The success of Azhar's Oriental Rugs is built upon a single premise: to bring a large selection, low prices, and sophisticated retailing to a business that, until now, has been limited to bazaars and small shops.

At Azhar’s customers find the rug they are looking for because, unlike at small shops, they choose from not hundreds, but thousands of rugs. Prices are low because rugs are purchased in large quantities directly from rug centers in the Orient. Middlemen are eliminated and the savings passed on to the customers.

Azhar’s has numerous locations in both the United and South/Latin America. All stores are large, tastefully decorated, and either in the finest shopping malls or free standing buildings in the most sophisticated retail areas. All have a multilingual staff to serve a clientele from Mexico, Latin America, the U.S. , Europe, and Canada. Azhar's advertises in newspapers, magazines and on television in English, Spanish, and Portuguese in fifteen different countries to inform customers of new rugs and special prices for its continually changing selection.

Azhar’s customers enjoy a large selection, low prices, courteous service, clear labeling, honest dealing and a rock solid guarantee of the quality and value of each rug. So great is customers’ confidence in Azhar’s that many order rugs directly by telephone or fax when they cannot visit a store.

From the time he was a child, Azhar has been fascinated by the intricacies and legendary aspects of this ancient art form which dates back to the desert nomads and mountain villages of pre-history. Indeed, Homer, writing nearly a thousand years B.C., often mentions rugs “of the softest wool” in his epic works.

Azhar was truly mesmerized by the symbolism of the design elements and the painstaking workmanship involved in producing a lush wool from Isphahan, Tabriz or Qum with its jewel-like luster, or a great silk from Hereke with over l,200 knots to the square inch, each of which has been tied by hand, producing a work of art of almost unfathomable detail and clarity.

Azhar’s passion for these remarkable rugs became a business which in turn evolved into something of an institution. No other rug merchant is held in such high esteem by so many rug-lovers throughout the world. It is a reputation born of endless travel to the remote towns and villages where the ancient art of rug-making is preserved. Year after year, for well over a quarter-of-a-century, Azhar has travelled more than 200,000 miles to maintain his special relationships with the weavers and purchases only the best of their labors.

By buying direct, and avoiding intermediaries, Azhar is able to pass on incredible savings to his customers. You will truly be astonished at just how much you save on the finest rugs available today.


More About Azhar's Rug

  • Azhar's unique worldwide "best price" guarantee
    • Azhar's guarantees that we will beat any competitor's advertised price for a rug of the same quality. Bring us any published price from anywhere -- whether London or Hamburg, New York or Mexico City -- and Azhar's will give you an even lower price. We’re that confident that we have the best prices in the world!
  • Azhar’s Return Policy
    • Azhar's guarantees that your Oriental rug is all that we say it is. We guarantee (in a personal letter from Azhar himself) that it is 100% hand-knotted. We guarantee the type of knot, either Turkish or Persian. We guarantee the type of material, either natural silk or wool. We guarantee the country of origin.
    • And most important, we guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase or we will replace it with another selection of your choice.
  • Disclaime
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    • Prices are subject to change. For current rug availability, prices and delivery information, please e-mail us at

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 Am to 8:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM



Our Services

Rugs Washing

Washing program: Cleaning, Washing, Removing dusts, Rug surface protection, Odor removal

Rugs Repair

Repair Program: Repair of Persian and Silk rugs, Repair of fringes and holes, Repair of rug sides and low pile.

Rugs Restoration

Rug's foundation is hand-knotted base and the damage can be fixed through re-weaving process.


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